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Assisting & Moving Individuals

Assisting & Moving Individuals

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to provide active support and promote the individual’s rights, choices and well-being when moving and handling
  • Be aware of codes of practice and conduct; and standards and guidance relevant to the moving and handling of individuals
  • Know how to access up-to-date copies of organisational risk assessments for moving and handling specific individuals
  • Be aware of key changes in the conditions and circumstances of individuals that you are moving and handling and actions to take in these circumstances
  • Know the different types of equipment/machinery which are available for moving and handling
  • Know why it is important to prepare the environment for moving and handling
  • Be aware of the possible consequences for the individual, yourself and others if you do not use safe techniques
  • Know sources of further help for moving and handling of individuals
  • Know how to co-ordinate action when moving and handling as part of a team
  • Be aware of the importance of maintaining your own cleanliness and hygiene prior to, during and following moving and handling individuals

The course contributes to the underpinning knowledge for certain QCF competencies including units MH 201, MH 203, MH 205, MH 206.

Course Details

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12 Months

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